Tender Belly

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Enter the sizzling realm of Tender Belly Bacon, where unparalleled flavor reigns supreme. In 2010, two bacon pioneers blazed a trail, igniting a nationwide revolution. Today, Tender Belly stands tall as the undisputed bacon monarch, gracing menus and captivating retail shelves. Delve into the captivating Dry-Cured Bacon, a harmonious blend of maple sugar and cherry wood smoke that transports you to breakfast nirvana. Experience the extraordinary Chef's Bacon, designed to captivate culinary enthusiasts. Indulge in the legacy of Tender Belly's bacon, infused with the essence of maple and cherry. Embark on an extraordinary journey that redefines your bacon experience. Welcome to Tender Belly, where bacon dreams come true!

From center-of-the-plate bacon to seasonal flavors, we offer chefs and restaurants nationwide premium pork options. Our bacon is in a league of its own, offering center-of-the-plate quality and taste. No shortcuts hereā€”no water added, just pure pork, freshly ground spices, and premium ingredients. It's meatier, higher in protein, with less shrinkage, and #CrazyTasty. Slow-smoked with real cherry wood, it's the bacon of choice for top-notch menus. With nationwide distribution, we bring you this exceptional bacon in various thicknesses and layouts. Tender Belly - where flavor and authenticity reign supreme.


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