FilterShine Front Range

Company Description

FilterShine Front Range has been the leader in hood and kitchen exhaust system services for Colorado for nearly two decades.  We service the Front Range from north of Fort Collins south through the Colorado Springs area.

Built on the foundation of our Grease Filter Exchange Program, you can breathe easy knowing your First Line of Defense in a fire (grease filters) are regularly cleaned and always in optimal condition.  We take the burden of cleaning filters off your staff while saving you money and liability when you use our service.  Our facility is the only place in Colorado custom-built for cleaning grease filters in an environmentally-friendly way.

We offer Preventative Maintenance Programs for your exhaust fan and rooftop grease containment systems - these programs keep your equipment properly functioning and compliant with EPA regulations.  Led by Master Kitchen Exhaust System Specialist and owner, Shayne Buckley, we can repair or replace your old equipment and add any necessary components to bring your system into NFPA96 compliance and allow for complete inspection and cleaning of your kitchen exhaust system.

We also perform kitchen exhaust system cleanings with both our in-house trained technicians using our advanced technology Robotic Cleaning Systems as well as with our partnerships with other local cleaning companies who demonstrate the high level of integrity and professionalism we expect from our own staff.

Whether you're ready to start services or need a professional set of eyes on your system, you can trust the professionals at FilterShine Front Range!


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