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adS Flooring, distributor of Protect-All Flooring, the best floor for the food-service industry.

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Protect-All is a very versatile type of floor and perfect for:

  • Safety-areas
  • Extreme-traffic areas
  • Wet, Greasy, Odorous areas.


Any food-service-area: Commercial Kitchens (incl. coolers, freezers, bar & Back-of-House); Breweries (Protect-All is impervious to all those caustic chemicals).

But also: Corridors; Elevator-cabins; Restrooms; Sports & Fitness areas (ski-boot & skate-blade proof); Stairs; around the pool; Animal areas, Labs.

And now available in many more attractive, flecked colors that make it a great choice for front of house areas (corridors, elevator-cabins, restrooms, rooftop bars & areas):  Available Colors -

·         Better to stand on (anti-fatigue) (Kitchens: Less breakage)

·  Pliable (will never break, chip or crack)

·  Safety (More slip-resistant water-wet than dry)

·  Reduces Noise levels (Makes animals less skittish)

·  Non-Porous (does not absorb smells)

·  No need for additional floor-mats (one less thing to clean and no trip-hazard)

·  Custom colors available (if quantity allows)

 Click here to see what a finished install looks like.

 We also offer a variety of other flooring-products for other areas of your restaurant (LVP, wood, rubber, cork + a few wall-products).

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